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Alicia Quarles Helps Women Ignite Their Confidence—Just As They Are

Journalist, fashionista, and humanitarian Alicia Quarles is inspired by the power and sisterhood of women. Being a journalist means that she is always on the go, and she has been exploring and traveling the world since she was a young girl (including living abroad in Japan)!

However, being in the public eye in the social media age means that Alicia is no stranger to comments and criticism. But being the professional that she is, she takes it in stride. “Criticism is part of the game,” she says, “[and] criticism isn’t necessarily a negative thing.” And “when people are just nasty, which is rare, I reply with love.” How’s that for powerful?

Given her love of her fellow woman, her confidence, and her life-long wanderlust, Alicia was a perfect addition to our 2019 Power Suits. With its bold, plunging neckline and bright jewel-toned hue, Alicia’s suit is made for the woman who isn’t afraid to be bold.

The Euphoria of a Good Suit

In addition to her journalism career and her businesses, Alicia is a fashionista who really gets how fashion has the power to transform. “It’s almost comical now as I look back at photos of me in swimwear when I was in my twenties. What was I so worried about?! Now that I’m in my thirties, I want to celebrate my body. To have swimwear that makes me feel good is a celebration of being a woman.”

Working with the other 2019 Power Suits, Alicia was even more inspired. She saw that each woman brought a unique perspective, body type, and personal style to the table. “It’s easy to pick our bodies apart. I loved doing the Power Suits photoshoot because all of us have different body types, yet we got out there in front of those cameras and uplifted one another.”

To have swimwear that makes me feel good is a celebration of being a woman.

The Power of Confidence

Despite having confidence, style, and grace, Alicia still has body hangups. “Every single one of us has body insecurities. I know in this social media age that may be difficult to believe when you are scrolling, seeing photo after photo of ‘perfect’ bodies. It isn’t reality.”

So where does Alicia get her power? From her friends. She says, “I get inspired by seeing their successes and achievements. Their victories are mine, and vice-versa. We are there for each other and realize that we are better as a squad. True friendship is powerful.”


As she was creating her Power Suit with Summersalt, Alicia hoped to instill this feeling of solidarity in other women. “I believe in the brand.” she says. “Summersalt is for women like me who are on the go, who care about the environment and also believe in body positivity. At first it was scary to create swimwear, but overcoming that fear and working with the Summersalt team has made me feel powerful.”

When people are just nasty, which is rare, I reply with love.

The Power of Travel

Alicia is almost always on the move for work, but she loves every minute of it. “Travel has always been my life. Literally. Growing up, I moved every three years because of my dad’s job. I started traveling abroad when I was seven and moved to Japan at 15. One of the reasons I became a journalist is because I feel a deep need to see the world and to learn about other cultures firsthand. Have passport, will go—anywhere!”

So what’s her must-visit destination? Iceland. “I know it’s a trendy destination now,” she says, “but it’s a must-visit. The landscape is breathtaking. In one day we drove from beautiful snowy mountains to black sand beaches. I’m an explorer and that country is meant to be explored.”

And what does Alicia hope a woman feels as she puts on her Power Suit for her next adventure? “I hope she feels like the superhero she is. Ladies, we are all superheroes. Consider my Power Suit your cape.” We can’t wait to suit up.