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The Ideal American Road Trip with Year of Ours Founder

Ask Eleanor Haycock about the American woman and she doesn’t waver. “She is 2018. She is active in her life, career, and community. She has a voice, an opinion and her own style. She is the modern day woman,” says the Year of Ours Founder, who is changing the game with a new twist on classic American sportswear that’s stylish, comfortable, and designed for women of all sizes.

We caught up with Eleanor to discuss how Year of Ours came to be, why LA is her favorite US city, and an American road trip itinerary that’s sure to inspire serious wanderlust.

I didn’t travel in America much until recently. There are a lot amazing things to see in this country.

Where did you grow up, and where do you now call “home?”

Thats always a tough question, because I was born in Dayton, Ohio but moved to Buffalo, NY when I was a baby. I lived there until I was 9 years old, then moved to Southern California. My childhood was a mix of West and East Coast. I’ve lived in Los Angeles the last 15 years and it’s definitely my home.

What inspired you to launch Year of Ours?

Many reasons, but number one would be the fit of active wear. I would wear other brands, but I always had an issue with pieces slipping as I would run, weird waist lines, or bras that made it feel hard to breath. When we started, the design in the activewear market also wasn’t very cool. It’s evolved a lot since then and we’re happy to be a part of that. The third reason would be quality. We really wanted to produce activewear in America and do it well.

What’s your favorite city in America and why?

Los Angeles because of the weather, the Dodgers, the people, the diversity, and the food. It really has a more laid back attitude and you can find your own vibe in this city. I think it’s still a city where people go to live out their dream, which is inspiring. New York City would be a close second. Miami would be third.

What American destination is on your bucket list?

New Orleans, Chicago, and Charleston.

Name a little hole-in-the-wall place in the USA that you’ve been to that everyone should know about:

Santa’s Pub, a karaoke bar trailer in Nashville. The name kind of of speaks for itself.


If you could build out the *dream* American road trip, name the places you’d stop along the way—and what kind of car you’d cruise in.

If I had a month, I would travel to: New York, then onto Philadelphia followed by DC. Next, Durham NC, Charlotte, and  Charleston. Then onto Atlanta, stop in Nashville, head to Louisville, then Chicago. After that I’d hit Kansas City, go down to Dallas,  stop in Austin, swing by Houston before heading to Marfa and Santa Fe, then Telluride, to Zion National Park, to Vegas, then home to LA. My dream car would be something with space but good on gas, maybe a hybrid SUV.

Year of Ours is all about redefining that classic American sportswear. Talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the pieces:

Alejandra, our designer, and I are both attracted to vintage sportswear from the 80’s and 90’s. There was something about that time with a mix of the supermodel hype, that really created “a moment” in fashion and activewear. Our goal is to take inspiration from then and now and make pieces that can be worn for the next 20 years.

When you travel, what one thing is always on your packing list?

Vitamins, especially Vitamin C.

When did Year of Ours start to offer extended sizing? Talk about why this was important for the brand:

I am a size Large and work out 4 to 6 times a week. I think it’s important for people to accept different body types and maybe being a small doesn’t mean it’s the “ideal size”. We want to offer options to everyone, so they can feel good and be confident in their own bodies.

Some would it’s a volatile time in the country right now, but let’s end on a positive note: As a New American Woman, what makes you hopeful and excited about America?

The youth. They know how to use their voice and aren’t scared to. They will be the ones who change everything!