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Make a Bold Statement With Ashley Mary’s Limited-Edition Suits

Samantha Korenfeld


Artist Ashley Mary uses travel as the inspiration for her artwork. Whether she’s going on a run through a new city or exploring the nearest art museum, Ashley is inspired by everything—from the graffiti on a bench to the shapes of the trees and flowers. “Inspiration is not about hunting for something, it’s about gathering what’s right in front of me,” she says. 

By collaborating with Summersalt for our second Artist Collaboration, Ashley has designed a swimwear print with a life of its own. The graphic black and white print is full of energy and dynamic shapes and is the perfect way to enjoy the hottest summer months. Whether you choose The Plunge Bikini Top and High Leg Mid Rise Bottom or The Limited-Edition Sidestroke, this print will have you looking super chic. 

We spoke with Ashley to learn more about how travel inspires her, what this print means to her, and the vibe she hopes it evokes on the women who wear it. Read on to discover more about Ashley.


What inspired this print?

I started playing with a new collage process a few years ago that eventually helped inform some of my painting styles. I had just started a new process of exploring—playing with tiny bits of cut paper for what would become eventual paintings. The original collage is colorful, but I wanted to see what happened when I stripped it of the colors and was able to just see the shapes and their playful composition.

My work is typically very colorful with accents of black and white. I loved paring this design back and giving it an entirely different purpose and flavor.

“I had just started a new process of exploring—playing with tiny bits of cut paper to create little maps for what would become eventual paintings.”

What destinations have inspired you?

I just got back from Tulum, where I was installing a mural, and that town is full of magic in its people, color, food, and spirit. While this print is black and white, it definitely has a rainbow heart. The shapes remind me of nature and a town, the foliage hidden throughout a city’s landscape.

Who do you see wearing your print?

Anybody who loves a little playful energy. This pattern is buzzy. I picture her somewhere outside with stringed lights, bouncy music, hot ground, spicy drinks, bowls of salty tortilla chips.

I want anyone to always feel confident in themselves, to feel beautiful because of their energy, the clothes are just a reflection of the inside.

If you want to own a piece of Ashley Mary’s work, Shop The Modern Abstract Collection — available now!