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The Ultimate Beach Packing List

Lindsay Paige Stein

It’s beyond frustrating to arrive at the beach only to realize you forgot something crucial, like sunscreen or that book you couldn’t wait to dive into. This list will guarantee maximum relaxation when you settle down on your towel. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing after all. Whether you’re planning a trip to an international luxury resort or taking a quick road trip to your local beach, we’ve got you covered. This is exactly what you should pack for the beach.

Image Courtesy of Carley Rudd

What to Bring to the Beach

Sunscreen:  After you apply sunscreen before heading outside, pack up both your body and face sunscreen so you can re-apply throughout the day after sweating or swimming.

Floppy Beach Hat: What’s even better at blocking out UV rays than sunscreen? A sunhat. And it’s stylish, too. Wearing a hat will protect your face and cool you off from the heat. If you find a foldable hat that’s easy to pack while you’re on-the-go, even better!

SPF Lip Balm: Don’t forget to protect your lips! Sitting in the sun all day can burn and dry out your lips, so packing an SPF lip protectant is key to preventing that.

Comfortable (and Stylish!) Swimsuit: Packing a comfortable swimsuit is crucial, especially if you plan to take a dip in the ocean or surf some waves. The Ribbed Voyager Summersalt swimsuit comes in an updated Baywatch red (the Sangria color) and is comfortable for snorkeling, swimming, or even scuba diving.

Beach Towel: From palm tree leaves to rainbow stripes, there are so many beach towel prints to choose from. Pack a few beach towels to stay off the sand while lounging by the water. Look for towels that are thick, large, and absorbent.

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Matheus Vinicius

Roomy Beach Bag: You’ll need somewhere to store all of your belongings, so consider a straw beach bag that will match any swimsuit. A simple tote with zippers and interior pockets will do the trick for storing all of your gear and accessories safely, too. Make sure the bag has room for a beach towel, water bottle, technology, books, and more.

Your Favorite Pair of Sunglasses: Everyone has a go-to pair of sunglasses. Shades are a must-have accessory when relaxing on the beach, but make sure they block out UV rays. Wearing a good pair of sunglasses is just as important as applying sun lotion.

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Alonso Willa Ulloa

Sarong: The right cover-up is easy to pack. The All Wrapped Up Scarf can be worn in several ways and can be an easy wrap to throw over your swimsuit.

Leave-In Conditioner: Keep your hair moisturized and hydrated by applying a leave-in conditioner after swimming in the salt water. Many products also protect the hair from sun damage and acts as a rejuvenating hair mask. Most organic leave-in conditioners combine antioxidants and oils leave hair feeling nourished after a long day at the beach.

Flip-Flops: Make your beach vacation more comfortable from head to toe, literally. Packing the right flip-flops ensures you won’t have issues with slipping while walking along the beach or boardwalk.

Portable Plug-In Phone Fan: Beat the heat with a portable phone fan that plugs right into your smartphone. Mini fans are often made with low power consumption and quality material to create a fresh breeze that will automatically cool you down.

Waterproof Phone Bag: If you’re constantly taking pictures and checking your phone at the beach, consider buying a waterproof phone bag to be safe. The bag keeps phones clean and dry, even underwater.

Wireless Headphones: Wireless headphones are ideal for the beach or pool, because it takes away the hassle of tangled wires or getting a random tan line. You can enjoy the wireless freedom while listening to your favorites beach-vibe beats.

A Book: Pack a good read that will sustain you through a long beach day. There’s nothing like getting completely lost in a good book while listening to the waves crash.

Water-Resistant Speakers: Take your music wherever you go with water-proof Bluetooth speakers. They come in all shapes, but the small portable sizes are the best to pack for your next beach day.

Beach Chairs: Nothing says summer like a folding beach chair. In order to relax, finding a chair that’s comfortable, rust-resistant and lightweight is important.

Cooler: Bringing along a durable cooler to the beach will keep all of your snacks and drinks fresh. If you want to grab ice-cold water after laying in the sun for a few hours, then this should be on your list. 

Water Bottle: Ensure you’ll be able to stay hydrated and have a sip of water whenever you please by packing a personal water bottle. 

If You Have Kids

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Leo Rivas

Wipes: Stock up on baby wipes, since a beach day with kids can get messy. From cleaning up sticky watermelon or dripping ice-pops, having wipes on-hand will make your life easier.

Beach Toys:  Bath toys are a simple solution because they’re waterproof and usually small and portable. Inflatable beach balls can be rolled up and packed into your beach bag easily.

Beach Umbrella: Bringing along an umbrella to the beach means a higher chance of your child taking a nap (fingers crossed!).

Kids Beach Hat: Pack a beach hat that has a wide rim to cover your kid’s head, ears, and neck. Be extra cautious and pack a hat that is made with additional SPF protection fabric, so that the kids can play outside all day long without worry.

Change of Clothes: Be prepared by bringing a change of clothes for both you and your kids. After a full beach day, your swimsuit and cover-ups will be wet and sandy.

Snacks: From PB&J sandwiches to granola bars, pack extra snacks for the kids who are always hungry. It will keep everyone happy and satisfied so that your family can simply focus on having fun.

Water Shoes: Water shoes keep your little one’s feet protected from the rocks and shells in the ocean.

Floaties: If your little swimmer isn’t fully confident in the water, they’ll have tons of fun with floaties that will strengthen their skills. Look for floaties that perfectly adapt to your kid’s arms for safety.

Goggles: Make swimming even more amusing for children with swim goggles. They’ll be able to see the marine life and shells underneath them while swimming.

Beach Ball: Inflatable beach balls are easy to pack and entertaining for the whole family. From unicorns to emojis to colorful stripes, the design options on beach balls are endless.