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3 Spots Perfect For a Family Vacation

Annie Gabillet

Is there such a thing as a vacation when you have your kids in tow? Some tired parents might say no, but Mollie Krengel, the founder of travel-guide company Wild Bum, says it is possible. While it might not involve romantic candle lit dinners and uninterrupted quality time with your favorite beach read, you can still have fun on a family vacation. “Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, being up for an adventure is essential to having a great family vacation,” Mollie told us. 

With Wild Bum, Mollie is helping all travelers make the most of their time away from home. But she thinks there’s something special about traveling as a family: “Nothing is as priceless as seeing the world through your children’s eyes.” To help make that happen, we asked her to share three destinations that are perfect for a family vacation.

Los Angeles

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Matthew LeJune

Los Angeles is loaded with both well-known tourist spots (hello, Disnelyland!) and hidden gems. Wild Bum Guide Architect Myriam is a LA native with young kids, who promises her home town is packed with amazing family-friendly foodie spots, outdoor concerts, and nature activities great for little ones. Added bonus: there are a ton of free and fabulous things to in LA, including museums and beaches.  

According to Myriam’s LA Wild Bum Guide, LA has tons of family-friendly eateries including Swingers Diner and Sage Bistro + Brewery. And there are also summer concerts, such as Chinatown Summer Nights and Thursday nights Twilight dance and music at the Santa Monica Pier.

Costa Rica

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Zdenek Machacek

Costa Rica is an easy flight and the perfect destination for a family with slightly older kids, according to Mollie. Wild Bum Guide Architect Marnie Marmet went recently with her family, and found it to be a beautiful, friendly country. “From delicious food to extremely memorable activities such as ziplining and white water rafting, a vacay to Costa Rica is one your family will never forget,” Mollie added.  

In her Costa Rica Wild Bum Guide, Marnie gives tips for hiring this local private chef, and dishes on so many more delicious eateries.  And their most memorable family activities ranged from a night walk guided tour to waterfall rappelling. 

Southern Iceland

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Jonathan Auh

Iceland has been a trendy destination for its incredible waterfalls, hot springs, and Icelandic horses. “We’ve all seen those iconic insta images,” Mollie joked. Wild Bum Guide Architect Kate A visited southern Iceland with her two young kids and would do it again. “They hiked active volcanoes, saw puffins in the wild, and experienced lots of hidden gems,” Mollie told us. “Their Iceland Wild Bum Guide was curated with the family in mind, sharing all of their insider tips for an unforgettable family trip,” she added. 

In Iceland with kids you must try Icelandic Fish and Chips, according Kate, as well as other hole in the wall restaurants shared in her travel guide. “There is no shortage of things to do in Iceland with kids, from Laugardalslaug large public pool to tips on visiting Gljufrabui waterfall,” Mollie said. It’s perfect for an adventure family.

The Secrets to a Successful Family Getaway

Choosing the right destination is the first step to a successful family getaway. Then you also need the right frame of mind. To help, Mollie shared a couple more tips. 

Go prepared. “Feeling prepared for travel means you are less stressed,” Mollie said, pointing out that it’s not fun to waste precious time on phones trying to figure out where to go, what to do, where to eat. “With trusted and vetted information you are set up with the building blocks to create a meaningful adventure of your own and maximize those valuable days in a new city,” she said.  With a blueprint, you can curate your own adventure to include what’s fun and meaningful for you and your family. “That looks different for everyone. Some families thrive on staying super active while others know they need downtime. Find your balance so that you return home feeling energetic and inspired,” she suggested. 

Let go! “Part of the joy of travel is to enjoy and embrace all of it — the good and the bad,” Mollie said. Accept that no trip is perfect. The more you can let go, the better you will handle mishaps and potentially frustrating situations. “Focus on the fact that you and your family are creating long-lasting memories,” she said. Afterall, as Mollie reminded us: “The imperfect is what makes the best travel stories!”