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5 Insider Tips for Finding Seriously Cheap Domestic Flights

Annie Gabillet

A cheap domestic flight can mean the difference between exploring a new place and siting on your couch for another weekend of Netflix binging. With a last-minute US getaway in mind, we tapped into Hannah Huizenga from Dollar Flight Club to get her expert tips on how to save on domestic travel. DFC has long given its users access to cheap international travel deals and just expanded to the domestic market. Hannah told me that domestic travel often provides fewer options for low fares, compared to international trips. But with her tips you can find seriously cheap flights.

1. Fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Hannah said it’s somewhat of a myth that there are better days to book a cheap flight, but there are better days to fly. “It is typically true that the best days to leave are on a Tuesday or Wednesday.” She also told me that while there isn’t a specific month with cheaper deals, they do see prices go up during the summer months. So if you can avoid July and August, you’re more likely to find a good deal.

2. Consider a Range of Departure Dates

If you have to fly on the weekend, you’re more likely to get a good deal if you’re flexible about which weekend. “Dollar Flight Club searches specifically for deals that have a wide range of departure dates, so that travelers have options,” Hannah explained. DFC also has a Weekend Warrior Domestic Deals feature that specifically sends weekend deals from members’ home airports. “You don’t need flexibility with our Domestic Deals, because we fit them perfectly into your weekend plans,” she said.


Courtesy Unsplash // Ross Parmly

If you have to fly on the weekend, you’re more likely to get a good deal if you’re flexible about which weekend.

3. Use Services Like Dollar Flight Club

Using flight deal services like Dollar Flight Club make it more efficient to find the right price. “We ingest flight data from various sources to identify deals sitting 60 to 90 percent below the average round-trip price and then we share those flight directly to users via email and mobile app alerts,” she said. That’s a lot easier than searching for deals yourself and ensures you don’t miss out.

4. Act Fast on a Good Fare

“Flight deals do not last long,” Hannah admitted. It’s one thing to find a good flight price, and another to secure it. To guarantee good timing, Hannah recommends booking your flight as soon as you see a good deal or risk the price going up.

Some airports do have more deals than others. They include: JFK, EWR, BOS, ORD, and LAX.

5. Target Cheaper Airports

Some airports do have more deals than others, according to Hannah. They include: JFK (New York City), EWR (Newark), BOS (Boston), ORD (Chicago O’Hare), and LAX (Los Angeles). You can find cheaper flights to and from these larger airports, compared to smaller airports like BOI (Boise), JAX (Jacksonville), or CHS (Charleston).

If you’re curious about Dollar Flight Club, they offer both a free and premium service.

Free Members get:

  • A flight deal a day sent to you via email
  • Option to specify a “Departure Region” and only receive free member deals from specified region

Premium Members get:

  • Every single flight deal for their departure airport, or 4x more than Free Members
  • Access to Weekend Warrior Domestic Deals
  • Filter by specific departure airport(s)
  • Instant mobile app alerts from our iPhone and Android app
  • Get deal alerts first, before free members
  • No ads
  • Premium Membership Partner Perks