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How to Make a Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Lily Burke

Vacation provides an exciting break from your normal routine. Morning yoga on the beach instead of a hectic commute? Sign us up! There truly is not much to complain about on a vacation. Traveling, on the other hand, might not come with as many perks. If you’re traveling for work or an extended period of time, you may actually miss the comfort of the place you call home. In order to avoid that feeling of discomfort, here are some tips and tricks to convert a generic hotel room into your own personal oasis.


It may seem like a simple suggestion, but fully unpacking and putting away your luggage instantly changes the vibe in your room. Instead of treating your stay as temporary, treat it as if it were your actual bedroom. Hang up your clothes and stay awhile (even if it’s just one night)! Organization creates a calmness that makes you feel like you’re not living out of a suitcase.

Photo Credit: @arlohotels Instagram

Create a Sense of Familiarity

What reminds you of your home? A certain smell? Your favorite blanket? Maybe your favorite snacks in the pantry? Well, there is no need to leave whatever that may be at home! Whenever I am staying at a hotel, I spray a perfume that I’ve used for years. It might be a small measure, but it nevertheless creates a sense of comfort. 

Pick Your Room Wisely

Sometimes, your place of stay on a work or family trip is entirely out of your control. But when it is in your control, choose a hotel that possesses your personal taste. Whether your aesthetic is bright and modern or calm and neutral, booking a hotel that fits your personality makes all the difference. I personally love a stylish boutique hotel because it’s a guarantee that I’ll enjoy the art and cute coffee shop. Check out The Arlo, located in Miami and New York.

Treat Yourself

Spending an extended time traveling for work or play can be exhausting. Take a moment to debrief from your day and take pleasure in hotel amenities. Afterall, you don’t get room service every day! Curl up in The Cloud 9 Pajama Set, put on a face mask and enjoy pizza while watching your favorite movie…in peace and quiet!

Take Advantage of Modern Technology

You may be 2,000 miles away from home, but thankfully, FaceTime and Skype gives you the power to see the people that remind you of home. Traveling can be busy, making it hard to take the necessary time to communicate with friends and family. If you make a habit of it, talking regularly with your favorite people will bring you a sense of belonging — no matter where you are in the world.