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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Nicole Prince

Vacationing is the best: dinner out, delicious cocktails, no alarm clocks. The indulgence is real. But as much as we love traveling, we almost always need a vacation after our vacation. Too many late nights, drinks, and bread baskets leave us feeling lethargic and definitely not rested enough to attend that Monday morning meeting. Read on for tips on staying healthy while traveling, whether it’s a weekend getaway or an international adventure, and you’ll come back refreshed.

Kick Off Your Trip Healthfully

When you board the plane (or start your car ride), drink a glass of water with lemon and vitamin C powder to help cleanse your system and ward off germs. Performing this ritual will also put you into a healthier mindset at the very beginning of your trip. 

Stock Up On (Mostly) Healthy Snacks

We’re all for chips, guacamole, and beautiful cheese boards, so we’re not advising you to avoid them. But while you’re stocking up at the store, reach for fruit, snackable veggies like baby carrots, and nuts. If you fill up on these things, you can indulge in more “fun” foods throughout your trip without feeling run-down.

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Anna Pelzer

Check Out a New Workout Class

Exploring a city’s breweries, restaurants, and tourist sites is the traditional way to explore a new-to-you place, but why not try out a fun workout class? Since you’re never going to see these people again, we love checking out spinning, hip-hop, or any other type of workout we wouldn’t normally do at home. (Plus, our bright leggings bring confidence and provide SPF protection!)

Tour the Scenic Way

Bus tours are a good way to cover lots of mileage, but we’re partial towalking. Pack comfortable sneakers and clothing and you’ll discover so much more than you would by car. Walking has led us to our favorite bookshops, jewelry-makers, and hidden gardens around the world!


Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Christian Gertenbach

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

It’s so tempting to go to bed late and sleep in while on vacation! But research has shown that our bodies prefer a consistent sleep schedule, weekends and vacations notwithstanding. Try to wind down and wake up around the same time you do at home. Make going to bed special by treating yourself to herbal tea and a hot bath before bed. 

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Nicole Honeywill

Go Out to Eat, Stay Moderate

You’re at an amazing restaurant and decide to order it all. You go, girl! At your next big meal, just opt for one of the three “fun” items: appetizers, drinks, or dessert. You’ll feel better and it will make those indulgent times even more special. 

Stay Present

This is a good reminder for us all the time, not just on vacation, but we highly recommend putting away your phone and other electronics. It’s amazing how freeing it feels, even for a few days, and you’ll be able to spend all of your extra time on new experiences.