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Isabella Huffington Used Her Artistic Vision to Create a Stunning Swimsuit

Annie Gabillet

Artist Isabella Huffington loves the simple beauty of everyday objects. She wants her mixed-media collage pieces to be accessible to all, like the uncomplicated appeal of rugs, birds, china, or floral arrangements. So it makes sense she’s collaborated with Summersalt to design one of our 2019 Power Suits. With its bold red color and interesting neckline, Isabella’s Power Suit is an everyday object that also makes an artistic statement.

“I’ve always been interested in how we can bring art out of the museum and gallery space and into our everyday lives,” Isabella explained. By designing a swimsuit that is both simple and sexy, she’s bringing her art onto the beach or next to the pool. “We often ignore all the beauty that’s around us,” Isabella pointed out, adding that we don’t need to go anywhere special to find special things, we just need to start noticing them.

Celebrating the Power of Women

For her collages, Isabella often works with symbols of power. In 2017, she put on a solo exhibit titled Women in Politics and Power, which included commentaries on political participation and representation. Isabella is drawn to opportunities to embrace diversity of women’s style, body types, age, and needs.

With her Power Suit, she wanted to design a suit that celebrates women as they are, instead of forcing them to look or feel a certain way. “Wearing a bathing suit can be a really vulnerable experience, but it doesn’t have to be,” she said. The difference between wearing a suit you feel confident in versus one that makes you feel self-conscious can change your whole day. Isabella wants to bring the joy back to swimwear for all women. “It’s a type of freedom. You get to forget about yourself and the way you look and just enjoy the day,” she said.




“Wearing a bathing suit can be a really vulnerable experience, but it doesn’t have to be.”

Annual trips to Greece exposed Isabella to a healthy beauty standard. Her mother is Ariana Huffington, the Greek-American media mogul. “Not to over generalize, but Greek culture is much more accepting of aging and diverse body types,” Isabella told us, perhaps because older women are more valued in the culture. “There is much less self-consciousness. You see every age and every body type in bathing suits enjoying themselves,” she said.

If she had to give advice to her younger self, Isabella said she’d tell her to live in the moment, like those Greek women on the beach. She’d say: “Enjoy where you are instead of focusing on where you’d rather be. If you can’t be happy here and now you won’t be happy there and then.”

What makes Isabella feel powerful? “I love creating things. I love taking nothing and making something out of it. I love seeing my collages unfurl on the canvas. I love that no mistake in my art is permanent. I love that some of my biggest roadblocks have led to new solutions and approaches.” We’re excited to channel some of her creative power next time we hit the pool in Isabella’s Power Suit.