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Tokyobike’s Juliana Rudell Di Simone Makes Cycling Chic

Juliana Rudell Di Simone has an eye for beautiful things. The Brazilian-born model — who also has a graduate degree in international marketing — helped bring tokyobike to America about five years ago. With their clean lines, the bikes are a dream for anyone who loves minimalist design. Now as the director of tokyobike Americas, Juliana is expanding the footprint of the independent bicycle company that was founded in Japan in 2002. The bikes are designed to explore the places we love, something Juliana knows all about thanks to a busy and enviable travel schedule. We caught up with her to learn about her passion for discovery.

How does exploring a new place on a bike enhance the experience? 

When you’re on a bicycle you are so much more connected with your surroundings. Sounds, smells, and visuals are presented to you in a very different way than when you’re walking, in a car or on public transportation. Not to mention, you can cover a lot more ground on two wheels, avoid traffic, and see details you would probably miss otherwise.



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Being based in LA, what’s one thing you’d recommend tourists do while in town?

I am a huge foodie, so definitely eat! The food in LA is so unique and diverse that restaurants are my top attraction. And if you need to justify eating, there are plenty of amazing hikes just waiting to be explored! My next personal goal is to create a food truck map and ride my bike between them to try the best each one can offer.

Photo Courtesy Juliana Rudell Di Simone

What is your favorite city to explore by bike?

Tokyo. Cycling is so ingrained in Japanese culture that it’s the only place I feel safe riding without a helmet. Because it’s such a big city, it’s also great to ride a bike and find yourself lost in different neighborhoods, streets, or local artisan shops, and discover delicious foods in the process.

Let’s talk about your personal travels—is there a trip you’ve taken that was most memorable to you? Tell us about it!

I’ve been to some really special places and this is a hard question to answer, but if I had to pick one, I think it would be Tanzania. This was our honeymoon so needless to explain why, but being in the wild and between animals was really humbling, knowing that in their environment I was such a small piece—and most likely food, taught me more than I could’ve expected.

Photo Courtesy Juliana Rudell Di Simone

Airbnbs or Hotels?

I don’t like feeling like I am in someone’s house, unless I am staying with someone I know. That said, on long trips there is nothing better than having a kitchen and being able to cook meals and enjoy a glass of wine that is not at the hotel bar, so I’d say hotels for short trips, rentals for longer ones.

What’s your favorite Summersalt Suit?

The Sunstreak Bikini Top and High Leg High Rise

Do you have any travel plans this year? Tell us where you’re going!

I just got back from a winter hiking trip in the Swiss Alps, which was incredibly unique and a total winter wonderland. Mexico City coming soon for a weekend, Miami next month, and a month in Sicily this summer are confirmed. I will probably make my way to Japan at some point — the perks of running a Japanese company, and also South America as my family lives in Brazil so we travel there once a year. We also want to finish a Patagonia trip we started in 2018.