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Katie Sturino Loves Rocking a Swimsuit — So She Designed One

Annie Gabillet

Katie Sturino has great style. Look at her Instagram, and you’ll see chic airport outfits, fashion-forward street style, polished business looks, and dreamy beach vibes. It just so happens that Katie is also a high-profile advocate of inclusive sizing and the creator of the blog The 12ish Style and beauty brand Megababe. Katie is a style influencer and fashion industry game-changer who proves good taste looks amazing at any size. 

Because of Katie’s amazing instinct for translating trends with her own personal twist, we were honored to have her join us for Summersalt’s class of 2019 Power Suits. As a champion of the body positivity movement, Katie’s vision helped create a suit that looks good on every body. Read on to learn more about the inspiration for the suit, straight from Katie herself.

The Power of a Good Suit

When we asked Katie what makes her feel powerful, she said: “I do love being in a swimsuit.” She enjoys the freedom and lack of restrictions — the simple joy of not wearing pants. “With a swimsuit, your whole look is right there,” she explained.

Inspiring women like Katie have designed the Power Suits capsule collection with the goal of reminding us that swimsuits don’t expose us, they empower us. In this world, swimwear helps women feel confident, strong, and ready for adventure. And since Katie’s favorite piece of clothing might just be a swimsuit, she knew exactly what she wanted when it came time to design her Power Suit. “I was looking for a four-color suit in the specific colors we made it in. I couldn’t find one like that.” The final product comes with bold orange, blue, green, and white color blocking and is available from size 2 to 22. 

“I’d love for ladies to channel their inner six year old and just get in the suit and play around.”

Katie also wanted to make something in a fresh silhouette — a suit that was sexy and would look good on pretty much any body shape. “I feel like we achieved that,” she said. Katie likes that her Power Suit offers support if you have big boobs. But it also has a deep V. Her main goal for the suit? That you don’t have to compromise comfort and style. You should feel good and look good. 

Katie wants women to feel confident when they put on her Power Suit: “I hope they feel excited to go to the beach and show off their suit and not hide under a towel. I’d love for ladies to channel their inner six year old and just get in the suit and play around.” 

The Power of Confidence

On Instagram, Katie’s followers will comment: “I wish I had your confidence.” She wants to tell them: “You can!”

People think there’s some magic equation to self-acceptance. Katie’s here to tell you that there’s not. “It’s a choice you have to make. You have to say, ‘I’m not going to spend the rest of my life chasing 10 pounds and beat myself about those nachos I ate yesterday.’” Katie said this change of attitude means we can start thinking about other stuff — “like men can.”  

“I’m not going to spend the rest of my life chasing 10 pounds and beat myself about those nachos I ate yesterday.”

Katie believes that a carefree six year old lives in all of us, we just have to get out of her way. “We are all our own worst critics,” she pointed out. “No one is actually looking at you. As soon as you are able to relieve yourself from that pressure it starts to feel like people catch on to that energy,” she said, explaining the approach that works for her.

Katie’s energy is spreading and it’s changing the fashion industry. On her Instagram, she often highlights how hard it is to find clothing in her size using the hashtag #MakeMySize. “I live in New York City and I can’t just walk out of my house and go shopping. I can’t head down to the Meat Packing or Upper East Side and just shop,” she lamented. Since she started shedding light on the reality, brands have responded by expanding their size offerings. 

Out of her frustration with the traditional fashion and beauty industry, she also created Mega Babe, a line of beauty products that address issues like thigh chafing and boob sweat. “We had to invent a new space for beauty,” she explained. “Women comfort solutions like this are a new thing.” Before she launched her first product, Katie felt embarrassed to pull out other thigh-chafing options from her handbag. So she did something about it.

The Power of Travel

On top of everything else, Katie uses her platform to advocate for pet adoption with her Instagram handle @DogMeetsWorld. How is she able to manage all of it? She uses travel to stay inspired and grounded.

“Travel is so good for you. Seeing other cultures. Being out of your element. Being forced to expand,” she explained. Katie believes this is the biggest benefit of travel: “that you have to use your brain in a way that you don’t usually have to.” Even if that just involves figuring out a new public transit system.

Where are some of her favorite destinations? Harbor Island in the Bahamas, to start: “The golf carts. The pink buildings. It’s pretty.” This summer, she’s also going to Charleston, South Carolina with her family and then off to Puglia, Lake Como, Ischia, and Sardinia in Italy for her honeymoon. Keep an eye out: you might just see Katie rocking her Power Suit.