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Meet the VC Who Backs Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga

Annie Gabillet

Venture Capitalist Nicole Quinn has been around the world. The partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners grew up in London, lived in New York City, and now calls San Francisco home. She uses the experience she gained along the way to invest in companies that are taking over pop culture and improving the way we live. Think: Meghan-Markle-favorite footwear brand Rothy’s, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle empire Goop, and Lady Gaga’s yet-to-be-released beauty business Haus. 

When she’s not working closely with her founders, Nicole likes to travel — and she took that global theme with her for her honeymoon, traveling from California to Asia to Europe and back to California again. She’s clearly a woman who is going places, so we wanted to learn more.  

What inspired you to be in Venture Capital?

I was inspired to join Lightspeed due to the brilliant people there that I am now humbled to call my partners. I very much focus on people first and this decision was exactly that. I am a believer that when you put good people together, great things happen.

The most rewarding part of being a Venture Capitalist is helping founders. Nothing gives me greater reward than when I introduce one of our portfolio companies to a great partner or a great C-level exec who changes the trajectory of their business.

What was the best AND the worst business decision you ever made? 

I see this differently. I think it’s important to learn and if you learn by doing and failing, then that’s OK as long as you go on to do greater things next having learnt lessons from your past failures. I always tell the CEOs I work with that it’s far better to have made this mistake at an earlier point and then you don’t make the same mistake in the future when the stakes are far higher.

Let’s talk about “going places.” What’s on the horizon for you?

Our annual trip to the Bahamas!

Tell us about the last adventure you took:

I went on my honeymoon last year and it was the first time we went around the world. We first went to Hong Kong, then the Maldives, then England, and back to San Francisco.

What do you never travel without?

My toothbrush! I am an extremely light traveling so as long as I have my phone, spare dress, and toothbrush then I am all set.

Image Courtesy of Unsplash // Andre Benz

“Go to Japan. By far the best place I have ever traveled solo!”

Fill in the blank. Traveling makes me:

Feel like I am really living.

Got any great advice for solo travelers?

Go to Japan. By far the best place I have ever traveled solo!

What’s your favorite Summersalt travel piece?

The Plunge

Got any go-to podcasts, albums, or books for passing time on a plane?

The Goop Podcast. It covers so many different fascinating areas.

Share your most valuable travel hack:

Pack light! No heavy bags to carry, no suitcases to wait for or worry if they have been lost, and no decisions as to what to wear as you only have limited options!