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3 Fresh Romantic Getaway Ideas From a Couple Who Travels the World

Annie Gabillet

Soon after getting married, Samantha and Ryan Looney fell in love again — this time with travel. They realized they wanted to make exploring the world a priority of their marriage, and after visiting 20 countries together they created a travel content platform: Our Travel Passport. Today, their company produces photo and video content from all over the world. They’ve also created online workshops that help people take better travel photos and grow their social media platforms.

While travel is now a job for Samantha and Ryan, they’ve managed to keep it an important part of their relationship. Considering this, we think of them as experts on romantic getaways. But don’t expect the obvious suggestions from them. “When I think of romantic places, I don’t think of rose petals and wine,” Samantha told us. “While Bora Bora, the Maldives, and Paris are incredibly romantic places, and I definitely think they should be on every couple’s list, they’re a bit cliché.”

Image Courtesy Our Travel Passport

Instead, when she thinks of a romantic getaway, Samantha pictures epic sunsets and running around playing and laughing. “I think of those little moments where you look at the person you love and feel extra grateful for the opportunity to experience it together. Or when you both just look at each other and you know this is a moment you’ll remember forever,” she said. For Samantha and Ryan, the most romantic thing in the world is exploring the world with the person you love, whether that’s sitting on the beach, jumping into waterfalls, standing at the foot of a tower of giraffes, or drinking from coconuts under palm trees. If you’re looking for more of that in your life, here’s where they say you should go next.

Unexpected Romantic Getaway Ideas  

Milos, Greece

“Milos is our favorite place on earth,” Samantha said. That’s a huge endorsement coming from people who have been to so many places! Samantha believes the Greek Isles are the perfect romantic escape, and while Santorini might be more typically romantic, Milos feels like a completely different world. “There are way fewer tourists, making it much more remote and enchanting. Sarakiniko Beach feels like you’ve landed on the moon. There’s seriously no where else like it,” she added.

What to do: Sarakiniko Beach, Tsigrado Beach, and a boat ride to Kleftiko.

Image Courtesy Our Travel Passport

Serengeti, Tanzania

“There’s something about waking up in a tent in the middle of the Serengeti to the sounds of lions, wildebeest, and hippos that is truly incomparable,” Samantha told us. There, you can take early morning drives to spot a pride of lions napping together, giraffes hiding in the trees, and baby elephants following closely behind their mothers as they cross the river. “These are the experiences you never forget sharing with the person you love the most,” she said.

What to do: Go on a safari and try ginger beer.

Image Courtesy Our Travel Passport

Bali, Indonesia

“Bali truly has something for everyone. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for rich culture, epic views, and a relaxing getaway,” Samantha explained. You can spend a morning eating your floating breakfast in your villa, explore the rice terraces, or watching the most colorful sunset you’ll ever see in your life. With that in mind, Samantha thinks Bali is the perfect escape.

What to do: Spend a day chasing waterfalls. Samantha and Ryan’s favorites are Sekumpul and Bayunmala Twin Waterfalls. Eat brunch at Kynd Community, take a weekend trip to Nusa Penida, and visit Kelingking Beach.

Image Courtesy Our Travel Passport

If these places seem out of reach, Samantha wants you to know that you don’t have to go far in order to get away. The secret is simply making an effort to disconnect from the things that distract you from your relationship. “It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day life, but traveling allows us to remove ourselves from a lot of the responsibilities of life, so we can just focus on our relationship and make new memories together.” That sounds pretty romantic to us.