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Sarah Herron Sets a Powerful Example for Women of All Abilities

Annie Gabillet

Sarah Herron has the power to make the media more inclusive. Growing up with one arm, she had the strong support of her family and inclusive community. But she still felt isolated. “I never saw strong, empowered women in the media that looked like me,” she told us. Today, she’s making sure that’s not the case for the next generation.

Sarah wanted to change the usual narrative around people with physical differences, so she competed on season 17 of The Bachelor. Following the overall positive response from viewers, Sarah started SheLift, an organization that empowers girls with physical differences by encouraging them to participate in outdoor adventures.

For her latest effort to share her point-of-view, Sarah teamed up Summersalt to create one of our 2019 Power Suits. Swimwear has long been the uniform for moments of childlike joy. Think: splashing in the ocean or running through a sprinkler. As part of the Power Suit capsule collection, Sarah’s swimsuit will help us reclaim that joy.

A Uniform for Adventure

When she signed up for The Bachelor, Sarah’s biggest fear was getting into a swimsuit on television. She shopped for more than 30 suits, struggling to find something that made her feel comfortable. Thanks to her Power Suit, she hopes other women won’t have to experience the same familiar frustrations. “I hope when women wear my Power Suit, they feel confident, athletic, feminine, and able to conquer anything that summer brings their way,” she told us.


“I hope when women wear my Power Suit they feel confident, athletic, feminine, and able to conquer anything.”

The Power Suit collection was designed by five different inspiring women in order to change the conversation around swimwear. The suits encourage women to dive into new experiences. This is exactly what Sarah does with SheLift, and her Power Suit is another example of how she’s helping women feel empowered. Sarah’s suit is hardware-free and ready for adventure. It’s also super cute, with a figuring flattering lines and a classic blue and white color scheme.

The Power of Sarah’s Example

Sarah’s hope is that young girls and women are exposed to media that is representative of the way they see themselves, and not just industry standards. “I believe that the more women can be exposed to a diverse, real, inclusive representation of female bodies, the more we can reduce bad body image complexes and disordered eating trends,” she explained.

Sarah may have been born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, but her physical difference hasn’t stopped her from seeking adventures and appearing on television. With SheLift, she’s helping young girls with disabilities discover that they have capabilities far greater than they could have imagined. For the 2019 SheLift Sumit women, girls, and moms will participate in workshops and storytelling in the Mountains of Park City, Utah over Labor Day weekend. Activities include adaptive yoga, challenge rope courses, and nature hikes.

“My weaknesses have continued to be my strength.”

“I needed to do a lot of work on and for myself before I could begin to hold space for other women in a mentorship or leader capacity,” Sarah admitted. When Sarah started SheLift, she made sure to tell participants: “I don’t have it figured out, but I’m here to get through it with you.” She believes she’s been able to connect with others by keeping it real. “I let them in on my pain, rather than trying to pretend to have the answers,” she explained.

Today’s she’s feeling powerful. “My weaknesses have continued to be my strength, and I’m incredibly proud of the discomfort and personal development I’ve had to wade through to get where I am today.” We can’t wait to see where she goes next.