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Stress Free Travel: A Reiki Master Shares Her Tips

Kingsley Delacato travels a lot. When she’s not home in San Francisco, the Reiki master, breathwork facilitator, wellness coach, and yoga instructor makes trips to the East Coast. Often the travel is work related, as she holds workshops on both sides of the country. All that back and forth can get stressful, but as a master of all things mind, body, spirit, Kingsley knows how to keep her energy positive. Let’s steal her ideas.

Create a Travel Uniform

“I always wear the same outfit while flying,” Kingsley told us. “That way I know what I have to take off while going through security, where my layers are when the plane gets cold, and how to look casual and chic during a long day of transportation.” It’s a simple optimization that has a big pay off.

Kingsley’s tried-and-true travel outfit of choice is the the Summersalt Everywhere Pant and Top, paired with the Throw & Go Duster to take things up a level. “It’s comfy, yet stylish,” she explained.

Enjoy a Proper Meal, Alone

Instead of eating a quick bite over your laptop or ordering room service, Kingsley said solo travelers should take themselves out to dinner. That can be at the airport or when you land. “This used to terrify me, and now it is one of my favorite things to do, even when I’m not traveling. A solo date is the best. It’s important to treat ourselves and enjoy some time alone.”

Ditch Your Phone

It can be tempting sit on your phone while you’re traveling. Work or family and friends back home need attention, and scrolling through social media feeds can keep you busy while you wait to board a plane. Kingsley thinks we should resist the temptation if we really want to get the most out of travel. “Just allow yourself to be where you are,” she said.

Get Uncomfortable

Traveling to a new place and experiencing new challenges can provide growth opportunities that benefit our personal and professional lives. “This past year had so many firsts. Every time before a new first, I would get so anxious and nervous. And now all of those things that were once firsts have become the usual, and they’re not scary anymore,” Kingsley admitted.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Whether it’s your first solo adventure, a getaway with a new partner, or a high-stress trip for a work, trying something for the first time pays off. “Anytime that I conquered a first, I felt so happy that I had made myself do it. You won’t grow if you aren’t willing to do things that make you uncomfortable.” Kingsley favorite motto is: get comfortable with being uncomfortable. “It allows you to be ever-evolving and moving forward,” she said.

Kingsley is a woman going places. In 2018, she grew her wellness business from the ground up and she’s not stopping. “Not too long ago, all of this was just a vision in my head. I finally got tired of not doing anything about it, I called bullsh*t on my excuses, I left anything behind that wasn’t meant for me, and I just went. I put my head down, I worked hard, I took big leaps, I trusted myself, and now here I am.” We’re ready to follow her lead.