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5 Expert Beauty Tips to Take on Your Next Vacation

Gabrielle Kirlew

As much as we love discovering beautiful destinations, traveling can be tough on our beauty routines. Air travel is notorious for dehydrating your skin, and it can be difficult to balance being on the go with looking cute. Lucky for you, we teamed up with our friends at Maëlle, a direct-to-consumer cosmetics company, to give you five tips for keeping your skin and beauty look in tip-top shape as you explore the world.  

1. Pack Lightly

Image Courtesy of Maëlle

Limiting your travel makeup items to a few key products can be liberating and gives you the flexibility to fit all of your belongings into a carry-on bag. With careful selection, just a handful of products will last you your whole trip and give you the versatility to create multiple looks! We asked Kelsey Reitz — the founder and CEO of Maelle — what she would bring if she could only pack four items? Here’s what she chose:  

Throw these items into a packing cube, the ultimate travel accessory, and you’ll be good to go!

2. Bronzer Is Your Friend  

Image Courtesy of Maëlle

Who doesn’t love a sunkissed look? Whether or not you’re actually on the beach, a sunny glow is the perfect addition to a vacation makeup look. The Sunkissed Bronzer by Maelle is the key to a radiant look. According to Kelsey, the product can be used for more than just bronzing; it also works for contouring, highlighting, and as a blush. “I’ll start my routine with our Sunkissed Bronzer for a simple highlight with the lighter, champagne-y shades above the cheekbones,” she noted. She completes her look by adding one of the darker shades underneath her cheekbone for a natural contour. “This product does an incredible job of creating the imitation of the beach glow, even if you are an SPF lover like me.” With the sunkissed bronzer, your perfect swimsuit and a towel, you will be fully beach ready.

3.  Create a Subtle Travel Day Look

Image Courtesy of Maëlle

Just because planes dry your skin does not mean you need to forego makeup completely. Highlighting your brows and lips are the perfect way to look polished using products that avoid drying your skin on a travel day. Start with a quick eyebrow touchup using the Brow Stylist. Kelsey advised that doing your brows is “helpful in framing your face and is also a subtle way to look polished even if you’re going for a more natural look.” A pop of color from one of the stunning shades of the Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lip, a hydrating lip balm, will complete your effortless and travel-friendly look.

4. Concealer Covers Up Jet lag

Image Courtesy of Maëlle

Let’s be real: travel can be exhausting, and most of us look less than ideal after a longhaul flight. In these times, concealer can be your best friend. An under eye concealer is a great way to brighten up quickly especially if you have to touch up quickly for your next outing. Kelsey recommends dabbing the Secret Illuminator under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, and above your cheekbones for “a natural highlight that can be done on the go, even in the airport bathroom.” She calls it her secret weapon!

5. Moisturize, Moisturize

Image Courtesy of Maëlle

Kelsey said it best: “Nothing will help you glow like great skin, so don’t skimp on your skincare products during and after travel.” The dry air in the plane absorbs a lot of natural moisture from your skin during the flight, so it’s even more important to stay hydrated and moisturize during travel. “As you perfect your travel skincare routine, check your labels for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to help provide powerful moisture that lasts throughout a lengthy trip,” she added. Other ingredients that resist free radicals, like Camellia Oil, will also help your skin resist some of the germs you’ll confront on the plane and in the airport.

With these five tips, you’ll have the perfect travel beauty look.