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This Travel Friendly Shampoo Will Revolutionize Your Hair

After years of liquid shampoo exploding in her bag while traveling, Kailey Bradt had enough. (We get this struggle.) So, she decided to do something about it. Her new eco-friendly haircare brand, OWA Haircare, is launching this year, and is sure to change your beauty routine while traveling. For the line, Kailey created a powder shampoo that liquifies when you add water in the shower. That means you can bring a quality travel size shampoo with you on your trip, without worrying about TSA requirements. We caught up with her to talk about how to take care of your locks while traveling, her favorite travel pieces, and picked up some brilliant hacks for keeping hair fresh on the go.

Tell us a little bit about OWA Haircare and what inspired you to start the brand.

OWA Haircare was inspired by the inconvenience of traveling with liquid personal care products. At first, I was bothered by the amount of space my hair products took up. When I really started to think about it, I had a never ending list of complaints—the products didn’t last long, the travel-sized packaging was wasteful, things always exploded in my bag, the products were expensive and the list goes on.

After trying a few alternatives, I started looking into formulations for shampoo. When I learned shampoo was 80% water on average, I felt like I needed to take action not only for the well being of our suitcases, but for our planet. I realized if I could create a powder that hydrated with water to create the liquid hair products we all know and love, I would be onto something.

Fast forward a couple of years and OWA is doing just that. We are delivering the same liquid products, in a more environmentally sustainable powder option. And, it solves the problem of traveling with liquid products.

Kailey Bradt, Founder of OWA Haircare

One trick is using a microfiber towel to dry my hair. It cuts blow dry time in half. It’s incredible.

What kind of toll does traveling take on the hair?

There are two major things that really have an impact on your hair while traveling—climate and the water you’re washing with.

You cannot avoid the weather. When traveling for business, it’s unlikely you’re going to be somewhere warm on a beach and have effortless mermaid waves (and if you are, you should be shielding your hair from UV). The best thing you can do is travel hair-prepared! Be aware of the weather. Take note of the humidity as well, and pack to combat dryness or to control frizz.

Moondust Collection, OWA Haircare

Why is it that our hair feels different when traveling?

You’ve probably experienced your hair behaving differently when you travel. It’s because of the water. There are different minerals in the water in different areas. One thing we’ve done with our formula for Hair Wash is add a chelating agent in order to help you get the same wash no matter the water. Chelating agents bond to minerals and other contaminants in the water so they don’t end up in your hair. Chelating shampoos actually exist on the market to chemically detox the hair, but using these shampoos regularly can damage your hair. We put enough of this ingredient in our Hair Wash to give you a consistent clean, without damage.

OWA Haircare was inspired by the inconvenience of traveling with liquid personal care products.

Courtesy of OWA Haircare

What OWA products would you say are a must-have for traveling?

First and foremost, the Moondust Collection Hair Wash. I’ve always believed in the power of a good shampoo. If you aren’t happy with your shampoo, you use three other products trying to fix it. It’s like washing your face to prep your skin. If your face wash didn’t clean your skin, would you put more product on top to make your skin look clean? No, you would buy a better cleanser. I never understood why I always thought that styling products would completely change my hair. I wasn’t looking at the shampoo, which was the root-cause of the problem (no pun intended).

OWA Haircare Hair Wash

There are two major things that really have an impact on your hair while traveling—climate and the water you’re washing with.

Tell us a little more about the Moondust Collection.

The Moondust Collection is a simple, clean line that can be used whenever, wherever. It’s travel friendly, environmentally friendly and hair friendly. All of our products will follow suit after the Hair Wash, which is our waterless version of a liquid shampoo. An added bonus of OWA products is that they are naturally derived, vegan and cruelty free!


Kailey Bradt, Founder of OWA Haircare

What are your top 3 tips for keeping hair fresh while on the go?

  1. Keep it clean. If I have time to wash my hair, I do. I’ve never been a huge fan of dry shampoos as I have a sensitive scalp and find most of them irritating. It’s in the OWA grand plans to create a non-irritating volumizing powder, because I do like the lift effect of powder-format dry shampoos, but I feel they’re hard to wash out and don’t feel great in the hair as the day progresses.
  2. Change your part. I actually do this a lot, even when I’m not traveling. If I am running around and my hair starts to lose its mojo, I will actually just move my part slightly to the right or left. It adds volume and gives your hair a fresher look.
  3. Swap your style. If you have to skip the washing, then simply wearing your hair up as opposed to down can extend the life of your last shampoo. I like to throw my hair into a tight low bun with a cute scrunchie.

Do you have a favorite Summersalt swimwear or travelwear piece?

When it comes to getting dressed, I’m all about functionality. (This may have come from my childhood love of those pants that zipped into capris and then into shorts—anyone else?) but I love multifunctional pieces I can dress up or down, and don’t take up too much space in my bag. For those reasons I love the Long Sleeve Day to Night Bodysuit in Sea Urchin. It can be worn super casually to hop on a plane, worn to a business meeting with a blazer on top, or to dinner with jeans. I cannot think of a more practical garment.


Speaking of travel, do you have any trips coming up? Tell us about where you’ll be going.

I am planning to go to Los Angeles! I moved to New York in June from LA and I somehow haven’t found time to go back and visit yet. I remember when I first moved to LA from the east coast and I could not figure out what was going on with my hair. There weren’t four seasons in LA so I made a lot of product swaps. I also let my hair air dry all the time which was amazing for my hair health. Now that I’m back in the northeast I’m addicted to heat styling, but I’ve learned a lot of tricks to cut down on styling time and potential hair damage.

Oh, do tell.

One trick is using a microfiber towel to dry my hair. It cuts blow dry time in half. It’s incredible.