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UNPACKED: Minneapolis

If you’re going to get to know a city, we don’t think there’s a better way to do it than through the eyes of an artist. Perhaps a few exploratory days in Minneapolis wasn’t on your list before, but we’re certain you’ll be booking a flight to MSP (and maybe even get your first vacation-inspired tattoo) after reading the insider scoop on this city by acclaimed singer songwriter Jessica Manning.

“I think there’s a weird misconception that Minneapolis is a small town,” says Manning. “I hope people visiting discover that this is a thriving city with a big love of the arts, culture, and food.” Sign. Us. Up.

What’s your favorite memory growing up in Minnesota?

Minnesota is considered the land of 10,000 lakes so I was very lucky to grow up minutes away from multiple lakes. All of which had incredible walking and biking paths, as well as boat rentals, parks and cafes. It was awesome growing up surrounded by so much nature all while being in the middle of a vibrant city.

How many days should a first-time visitor spend in Minneapolis?

If you’re visiting Minneapolis for the first time I think 4 or 5 days is a good amount of time to spend exploring different areas.  The Spring and Summer are beautiful in Minneapolis.

What keeps you coming back?

I’m actually currently living in Minneapolis but that may change soon.  If I lived away from Minneapolis I would keep coming back for family. My mom lives here and I like to think, home is where your mom is.


Best place to people watch:

I think the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a great place to people watch as well as take in all the incredible sculptures.

Best place to have a moment of peace:

Lake of the Isles, hands down.

Best photo op spot:

I love taking photos anywhere at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Obviously there’s incredible art inside the museum that you can experience for free. But the building itself is stunning and I always love capturing photos that highlight the architecture.

Only a local would know that:

Minneapolis has an incredible food scene, with some amazing nationally known restaurants.  You could spend an entire trip here just eating!

What’s the best time to visit?

I would highly recommend visiting Minneapolis is the late spring/early summer.  I think that’s when you’re sure to get the best weather. Sunny and warm but not too hot.  Minneapolis has kind of a crazy climate. The summers tend to be pretty hot and humid and the winters, as I’m sure you’ve heard, are sometimes unbearable.

Give us a good-to-know travel tip:

Minneapolis has been named one of the most bike friendly cities in the US so there’s not really a need to rent a car.  There are multiple bike renting stations all over the city. Grab one and see which neighborhood you end up in!

Name a tourist activity that’s totally worth it:

I think everyone coming to visit Minneapolis should check out a show at either First Avenue or Icehouse.  This city has so much incredible music to offer and it’s definitely worth spending a night out at a concert.  Also, walking across the Stone Arch Bridge is also worth doing while you’re here. It really gives you a stunning view of the city—especially at night!

Best place to get a nightcap?

I love Tattersall Distilling for a nightcap.  They have delicious cocktails and often have a DJ playing music.  

Name a restaurant nobody knows about but they should, and one that’s worth the hype:

One of my favorite spots in Minneapolis to grab a quick lunch is Zakia Delia in Northeast Minneapolis. When I was recording my album “What If I Run”, the studio was right down the street from Zakia, so we ended up there often for lunch and I fell in love. I love the falafel plate! One restaurant that has gotten a lot of attention, and is well deserving of it, is Martina.  It’s located in the quaint Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis and provides Argentinian meets Italian flavors. I am always blown away by the food, wine & cocktails. I think this place is a must when you’re visiting Minneapolis. Also the atmosphere is dreamy.  You can easily lose track of time and spend hours there.


I hope people visiting discover that this is a thriving city with a big love of the arts, culture, and food.

What’s worth the splurge?

If you’re a tattoo kind of person I highly recommend going to Minneapolis Tattoo for some vacation ink.  Not only do they do incredible work, but they are also a female owned and run shop so that’s a wonderful thing to support. Plus, I just love the idea of getting a little ink on a trip. It’s a really fun way to create a lasting memory. 😉

As a local, what do you hope people visiting this city discover about it?

I think there’s a weird misconception that Minneapolis is a small town.  But I hope people visiting discover that this is a thriving city with a big love of the arts, culture, and food. It’s also a city that really values, sustainability and that’s something I really appreciate.  There is so much to do and see here and it’s really a beautiful gem tucked in the Midwest. Although I like to think we’re located in the North.