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10 World Cities Where the Average Airbnb Costs Only $75 Per Night

Annie Gabillet

International travel doesn’t have to be expensive. While we love an extravagant resort for total relaxation, you can also find authentic — and affordable — city adventures around the world if you’re on a budget. Airbnb just released a list of the top cities where the average Airbnb price is less than $75 per night. Not bad! From Southeast Asia to South America, you can explore these 10 cities at a reasonable cost. We’re considering it our new travel to-do list.

1. Bologna, Italy

Courtesy Unsplash // Andrey Kirov

2. Busan, South Korea

Courtesy Unsplash // Hoil Ryu

3. Lyon, France

Courtesy Unsplash // Chris Barbalis

4. Porto, Portugal

Courtesy Unsplash // Luca Dugaro

5. Ottawa, Canada

Courtesy Unsplash // Marc-Olivier Jodoin

6.  Prague, Czech Republic

Courtesy Unsplash // Rodrigo Ardilha

7. Moscow, Russia

Courtesy Unsplash // Nikolay Vorobyev

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Courtesy Unsplash // Lucas Campoi

9. Taipei, Taiwan

Courtesy Unsplash // Andrew Haimer

10. Bali, Indonesia

Courtesy Unsplash // Horvath Mark